getAbstract Book Award 2011 – Finalists Announced

Which energy sources have a viable future? Does China’s growth threaten Western values? What illnesses afflict the global economy? How can firms win customers in the digital age? getAbstract has nominated authors whose works provide answers to some of the world’s most pressing questions.

For the 11th year running, getAbstract will present its award for the Business Book of the Year at the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 12, 2011.

Two English titles and two German titles will receive the prestigious award, which over the course of 11 years has come to be highly regarded in the publishing world. Take a look at the finalists below. Click on any title for a preview.


The Corporate Whistleblower’s Survival Guide
The Master Switch
The Thank You Economy
Triumph of the City
Why the West Rules – for Now


Aufbruch – Unser Energiesystem im Wandel
Der Währungscrash kommt!
Die Weichmacher
Hacking für Manager

Since 2001, getAbstract has awarded the prize to esteemed authors such as George A. Akerlof, Robert J. Shiller, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Benoît Mandelbrot, Joseph Stiglitz, Malcolm Gladwell, Thomas Sowell and Chris Anderson, as well as their publishers. To learn more about previous getAbstract International Book Award winners, visit www.getAbstract.com/Bookaward.

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