Taking the Law into Your Own Hands?

Citizens of Seattle can sleep a little sounder tonight; Phoenix Jones and his Rain City Superhero Movement are patrolling the streets and fighting crime – with pepper spray. Benjamin Fodor, aka Phoenix Jones, a superhero clad in black and gold spandex, has appeared in a Seattle court to defend his role in a spate of recent pepper-spray attacks. Jones and his band of merry men deploy their weapon on the streets of Seattle at night when they feel intervention is required to prevent violence and break up brawls. Jones is not alone: An estimated 300-400 real-life superheroes, inspired by comics and movies such as Kick Ass, are currently keeping watch over America’s streets.

Jones has taken the law into his own hands in a radical way. But what would you do if you discovered that people – perhaps members of your firm – were engaged in unethical or unlawful practices? Would you ignore the issue to safeguard yourself? Or would you take a leaf from Jones’s book and bring the perpetrators to justice? In The Corporate Whistleblower’s Survival Guide, the winners of the 2011 getAbstract International Book Award, Tom Devine and Tarek F. Maassarani, explain how you can pull the plug on illicit practices at work while protecting yourself.

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