Newsweek Stops the Presses

Newsweek magazine’s owners and editors have made a final decision to halt the print edition of its iconic magazine following years of declining sales. The 80-year-old publication will be available only online after January 1, 2013; its December 31 edition will be the last to go to the presses. At the height of Newsweek’s popularity, it had a print run of three million copies a week and was the second most-popular magazine in the United States, behind Time. While sales of the magazine have dwindled to 1.5 million per week in recent years, Newsweek’s website currently attracts upward of 15 million visitors per month.

Newsweek’s decision epitomizes the influence the Internet has had on reporting and the way society consumes media. In an age when anyone with an Internet connection and an electronic device can contribute to online journalism, how can you verify the truth of news? And what are the consequences of media’s evolution on society? To read more about this debate, take a look at these summaries:

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