How to Fight the Information-Overload Beast and Become a Better Entrepreneur

You’re at the airport, checking Twitter updates on your phone while you’re waiting for your departure. Suddenly, you realize that you’re drowning in a pool of information. News from a blaring TV hits you, your e-reader is in your carry-on, you just checked your phone’s news app, and you bought a business magazine, just in case you get bored on your flight.

Does this sound familiar? It’s called information overload, and in today’s saturated landscape, it can happen to anyone. To stay afloat, you need to learn to be selective in what media you choose to consume.

To discover how to tackle information overload, read getAbstract, Inc.’s CEO Michel Koopman’s thoughts on the issue at Upstart Business Journal http://upstart.bizjournals.com/resources/executive-forum/2012/11/29/getabstract-ceo-koopman-on-media-sources.html


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