Understanding terrorism


As the recent terror attacks in Paris have shown us, we are leaving behind an era of relative security and comfort, even in the western world. Terrorism threatens not only our bodies, but also our minds. These days, we are all out of our depth – our wits are paralyzed, while the terrorists grow stronger.

That’s why getAbstract would like to share with you some relevant and current information on terrorism – its causes, objectives and possible ways to defeat it. The following summaries are free to download, no strings attached:

The World Is Flat
A broad and immensely knowledgeable overview of the globalized world we live in – a world where nearly everything is interconnected. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Thomas L. Friedman connects the dots and points to where possible strategies against global terrorism could start.

The Future of Islam
A nuanced portrait of the Mohammedan faith. Noted Scholar John L. Esposito makes an impassioned plea on its behalf: Don’t let the lunatic fringe tarnish a legitimate religion. A dearly needed call for sanity.

Terrorism Is a Failed Brand
A bold and radical proposal on how to fight terrorism beyond drones and missiles. What human rights lawyer Jason McCue suggests is a shift of perspective: We should consider terrorism a brand – and combat terrorists accordingly: by destroying their reputation and stealing their customers.

The Surprising Way Groups like ISIS Stay in Power
A focused look on the often hybrid nature of terrorism. Political analyst Benedetta Berti explains how “nonstate armed groups,” despite being ruthless murderers, manage to satisfy their clientele by providing safety and security, and even certain public services in the absence of a functioning state.

The Link Between Unemployment and Terrorism
Something we all know, but few of us know how to act on. Human rights advocate Mohamed Ali delivers valuable insights and possible courses of action by stating the obvious: By providing quality education and jobs, states can disrupt the marginalization of the disadvantaged, stopping terrorism before it has a chance to start.


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