Make This Year Meaningful


Written by Lisa Earle McLeod creator of the popular business concept “Noble Purpose” 

Do you have a Noble Purpose? Or do you just sell stuff?

We’ve all heard the adage: No one on their deathbed wishes they’d spent more time at the office. That adage is misunderstood. It belittles the role that meaningful work plays in our lives. Human beings are hardwired for purpose. We want to make a difference. We want our lives to count for something. Unfortunately, many people see their work as devoid of higher purpose. Instead, they view it as a grind – as an endless series of meaningless tasks.

But it’s not work itself that kills our spirit. It’s meaningless work. I wrote Leading with Noble Purpose to provide leaders with a roadmap for creating a workplace that is both meaningful and profitable. Businesses driven by purpose outperform the market by 384%. Deloitte’s latest workplace study revealed a direct link between purpose and profit.  My firm’s research with sales teams documented that salespeople who sell with Noble Purpose, who truly want to make a difference to their customers, outsell the salespeople focused on quotas. Having a Noble Purpose beyond making money, winds up making you even more money.

Organizations with a Noble Purpose outperform organizations focused on earnings because Noble Purpose prompts an outward focus, towards the market and customers. Noble purpose drives competitive differentiation and emotional engagement. Focusing on targets and earnings points an organization’s focus inward, which rarely creates competitive differentiation. Employees see it for what it is, a grab for money and nothing more.

I wrote Leading with Noble Purpose to document how leaders from Roche, Google, getAbstract, and even a Nebraska concrete company have grown revenue, profits, and productivity by unleashing their Noble Purpose. Liberate yourself from the spreadsheet mentality. Create a tribe of true believers who rally around the cause called customers. People want to make money, and they want to make a difference. Claim the Noble Purpose inside your business and make your aspirations a reality.


Sales Leadership expert Lisa Earle McLeod is best known for creating the popular business concept “Noble Purpose.”  Her bestselling book, Selling with Noble Purpose, has been a game changer for leaders at global firms like Flight Centre, Hootsuite, Merrill Lynch, and Sunovion Pharmaceuticals.

The founder of McLeod & More, Inc., a sales leadership consultancy, McLeod introduced the concept of Noble Sales Purpose™ after her research with sales teams revealed that salespeople who sell with Noble Purpose, who truly want to make a difference to their customers, outperform salespeople who are focused on targets and quotas.

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