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I read Thrive a few years ago when I was just about to change my job in management consulting. I was not only reassessing my goals, but also whether my personality and attitude still suited that industry. At the time, Arianna Huffington’s book was exactly what I needed: She speaks about life goals beyond earning money and power – there’s a “third metric,” as she calls it, which includes “well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.” That’s what I’d been looking for. I knew there was more to life than just waiting for the next promotion or raise. It was a relief to hear from this successful business woman that, yes, there’s more out there that I can achieve. That’s probably the most important lesson I took away from this book: It’s OK to have goals that are different from those of the People around me, because they’re goals worth having.

Another thing I love about Thrive is that it’s a well thought out book with knowledge ranging from Greek philosophy and mythology to various contemporary studies on productivity and happiness.

I would recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a new perspective on what it means to be successful.

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Lean In

My best friend gave me this book and said: “You should read this, it has great advice. I think we should all find partners who will lean in for us.” Reading the book, I could only agree with her. Sheryl Sandberg does a great job discussing the experience of women in the workplace and the obstacles still preventing them from becoming board members and reaching executive level. Her advice really struck a chord with me: Give your best at work and try to make your job as interesting as possible. It doesn’t make sense to “lean back” and settle for a less challenging job just because you think that you’ll have to take a break or step down once you’re a mother.

I took Sandberg’s advice and I couldn’t be happier. You can’t see it in the photo yet, but I’m pregnant! This book helped me see that I can continue doing what I love; being a mom and having a career aren’t mutually exclusive.

Every woman should read this book, no matter what their career ambitions are. It has great advice – whether you’re an executive or just starting your first job.

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Gary Vee is the best! Watch one of his videos on YouTube, and no matter how tired you are, you’ll be stoked for the entire day! He has great advice for anyone working in marketing or starting their own business. I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their presence and how they are perceived on social media.


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