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5 Big Business Buzzes in 2018

As business comes to a close in 2017, getAbstract, the world’s number one summary service, is looking forward to what big trends will affect business in the coming year. Don’t let your company be left out in the cold in 2018, here are the business buzzes everyone needs to watch:

1. The battle against sexual harassment ­

On January 21st, 2017 an estimated 5 million people took to the streets worldwide to demonstrate support for women’s rights. What followed in that day’s wake is proving to be a reckoning, if not a revolution, for equality. Across industries, politics, religion and nationality, men and women are exposing and expelling sexual harassers. Clever companies are getting the message: Hide abusers and watch your business crumble.

What authors will be writing about sexual harassment in 2018:

  • Memoirs exploring personal experiences with harassment
  • How-to guides for addressing sexual harassment in the workplace
  • How to promote gender equality in business

2. Social media must take social responsibility

In the wake of the November 2016 US presidential elections, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dismissed the notion that the platform influenced the outcome as a “pretty crazy idea.” Flash forward one year and Facebook admitted that as many as 126 million Americans may have viewed content from a Russian government-linked troll farm on its platform. Social media giants can no longer deny the powerful role they play in influencing politics on the world stage. The question is: will they do anything about it?

What authors will be writing about social media in 2018:

  • Social media’s power over politics
  • Facebook and Twitter’s dwindling popularity
  • How to protect your brand from supporting dangerous messages on social media

3. Augmented intelligence and you

If the term “artificial intelligence” evokes threatening images of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey for you, you’re not alone. Many tech experts think the term is misleading and, instead, would prefer you focus on augmented intelligence. The big difference being that augmented intelligence uses technology and data to provide valuable insights, but humans have the final say – something Dave certainly would have approved of.

What authors will be writing about augmented intelligence in 2018:

  • The dangers of artificial intelligence
  • What humans do better than artificial intelligence
  • Why companies should embrace augmented intelligence

4. The rise of the experience economy

Fancy swimming in a sea of technicolor sprinkles? Or picking apart clouds of cotton candy while perched beside mammoth gummi bears? Businesses are betting on experiences like the ones provided by the Museum of Ice Cream to capture the experience-loving millennial dollars. In 2017, the millennial market in the United States alone was worth $200 billion and everyone is fighting for a piece of it. Companies are waking up to one clear trend: millennials like doing things.

What authors will be writing about the experience economy in 2018:

  • Why businesses should be staging experiences around their brand
  • How to integrate online and offline customer experiences
  • What shoppers value in a memorable experience

5. The driverless future: beer on wheels

“This Bud’s for you” took on a brand-new meaning when 50,000 cans of Budweiser arrived at Colorado Springs in October 2016. The change? The driver of the truck was a body-less collection of code, designed by Otto – Uber’s self-driving tech daughter company. The coming year will be a breathtaking race to the finish line as Tesla, GM and countless other automotive and tech companies rev their engines. Ready, set, go!

What authors will be writing about the driverless future in 2018:

  • What industries are shifting to self-driving vehicles
  • The future for out-of-work human drivers

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