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4 Books Every Leader Should Read

Are you a budding or experienced leader looking for your next read? Jacqueline, one of getAbstract’s learning consultants, has four great reading recommendations for you.

1. The Three-Box Solution

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I really enjoyed this book! I’ve read many books on innovation, but they usually focus on the future and forget the day-to-day issues businesses face. In his book, Govindarajan addresses this issue. He tries to show leaders how to optimize their existing business even while they’re creating new ones. Another great thing about this book is that you can apply the lessons to your everyday life, so I’d recommend this tome to both clients and friends.


2. Make It Matter

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Do you know how many American employees feel unfulfilled by their work? About 70% of them! I found that number incredibly shocking. In his book, Scott Mautz is all about creating a meaningful work environment that can help you motivate and keep your staff. My favorite part of Make It Matter is the concept of the “seven markers of meaning,” which are seven factors that create “meaning in and at work.”


3. The Performance Triangle

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I highly recommend this book to determined CEOs, managers and anyone in a leadership position looking for new ways to identify the root of their organization’s performance issues. Michel based this masterpiece on his study of companies over the course of his 30-year career – and it shows! I particularly like the fact that Michel’s book follows a people-centric philosophy. He believes that a healthy corporate culture and work environment enables employees to create, innovate and do great work.


4. Real Influence

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After reading Mark Goulston’s previous book, Just Listen, I was eager to read this follow-up – and it didn’t disappoint! This book quickly turned into one of my favorites. The idea that you can only achieve real influence when you serve others with no expectations really resonated with me. Sometimes people can fall in the trap of trying to influence others by trying to manipulated them. Real Influence suggests a short formula to avoid that type of “disconnected influence”: Avoid PUSH – Pressing, Understating, Short-term focusing and Hassling.

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