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2018 Most Popular Summaries

It’s always fascinating to see what summaries getAbstract subscribers find most interesting. In examining the list of the top 5 downloads for 2018, it’s clear that our readers are focused on personal growth and increasing workplace efficiency, both individually and collectively.

Considering that a large part of the week is spent in the office, it’s not surprising that we want that experience to be enjoyable, fulfilling and promising. You’re sure to find inspiration in these five reads.

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1. Deep Work

Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

By: Cal Newport

Professor Cal Newport presents a compelling case for deep work, arguing that this type of concentrated work is necessary to succeed in an information economy. But how can we work deeply in an age of distractions that drive us to shallow work? This title isn’t just a list of facts and ideas, Cal Newport also offers practical advice on how to integrate deep work into your life.

Read this summary to learn:

  1. What constitutes deep work,
  2. Why deep work matters and
  3. What strategies you can use to organise your life to support your deep work.


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2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

By: Stephen R. Covey

This self-improvement manual is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their personal and professional lives. Listed as seven easy-looking steps, the habits combine self-discipline learnings from Aristotle, Cicero, Benedict, Tillotson and their heirs that are easier read than done.

Read this summary to learn:

  1. Which seven approaches effective people take to attain fulfillment and
  2. How to build your character and shape your life more deliberately.


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3. The Coaching Habit

Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever

By: Michael Bungay Stanier

What is a coach anyway? Coaches aren’t just people who talk to you and give you pieces of advice that sound like platitudes. Coaches pose intelligent questions that inspire you to think and talk about you’re thoughts, life, work and concerns. Managers can become good coaches if they understand seven essential coaching questions.

Read this summary to learn:

  1. What good executive coaching entails,
  2. Why managers should develop a sustainable “Coaching Habit,” and
  3. How to use the “seven essential questions” for coaching.


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4. The Effective Executive

The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done

By: Peter F. Drucker

Every single Drucker book is a business classic that every professional can benefit from. This title is no different. Are you a manager? The Effective Executive will give you insights into how to conceptualize your role and understand what you should accomplish. Drucker writes intelligently and presciently on management and lists eight practices that will help you become more productive and effective.

Read this summary to learn:

  1. Why an executive must be effective
  2. What five habits you should develop to become a more productive manager
  3. Why society depends on successful organizations and the executives who make them so.


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5. Emotional Habits

7 Things Resilient People Do Differently (And How They Can Help You Succeed in Business and Life)

By: Akash Karia

Are you “emotionally resilient”? The most successful people are necessarily the most intelligent or best educated; they’re the most resilient. They don’t let negative emotions cloud their judgment. Instead, they acknowledge such feelings as being inevitable and take responsibility for their actions. They can step back from a situation and not allow their emotions to take over. This title offers a useful method to deal with sadness, anger, frustration and other negative emotions.

Read this summary to learn:

  1. Why emotionally resilient people succeed and
  2. How to integrate the seven habits of emotionally resilient people into your life.


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