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Walking the Talk: World leaders discuss implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement

This week, around 20,000 politicians, scientists, NGO representatives and business leaders are convening in Katowice, Poland, for the 2018 climate change conference. The goal of the meeting is to finalize the implementation guidelines of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Nailing down the practical steps each signatory state must take to keep average global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius will be crucial to ensure that the well-meaning pledges made in Paris will become a reality.

For background on the science of climate change, the consequences of global temperature rise and ways to avert its worst impacts, getAbstract has put together a Climate Change Channel. Among the publications we wish to highlight are:

Adoption of the Paris Agreement. Proposal by the President of the Conference of the Parties.
By the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Much has been written about the Paris agreement, but what does it actually say? If you don’t want to plough through 32 pages of legalese, check out getAbstract’s succinct summary.



Warming World
Why Climate Change Matters More Than Anything Else
By Joshua Busby
If the world fails to act on climate change, what will be the consequences? Political scientist Joshua Busby draws an alarming picture of the geopolitical upheavals that might await us, ranging from large-scale flooding and famines to new international conflicts arising over scarce resources.



The Madhouse Effect
How Climate Change Denial is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy
By Michael E. Mann and Tom Toles
Despite almost 97% of scientists agreeing on human-caused global warming, why do climate change deniers continue to exert considerable influence on public opinion? The answer has more to do with politics and ideological conviction than with healthy scientific skepticism, explains atmospheric scientist Michael E. Mann in a book he has co-authored with cartoonist Tom Toles.


An Inconvenient Sequel
Truth to Power
By Vice President Al Gore
Former Vice President Al Gore’s groundbreaking 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, opened the eyes of millions to the climate crisis. The movie has since prompted many to ask, “Can the world avert catastrophic climate change?” and “What can do?” In this sequel to the documentary, Gore addresses some of these questions. He details how breakthroughs in clean energy have laid the foundation for a carbon-free energy future and implores citizens to elect politicians who will implement climate-friendly policies. From eating less meat to setting up social media channels, Gore provides a long list of practical steps each one of us can take to be part of the movement his documentary has sparked.

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