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Top U.S. Business Trends Employees Will Research in 2019

We have identified the five top trends professionals are seeking in 2019 for continuous learning to help move their businesses forward. We offers more than 18,000 text and audio summaries of cutting-edge business knowledge and based on recent views and downloads, it predicts that Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, Freelance Workforce and Live Video are the top five trends that today’s U.S. workforce will learn more about 2019. Stats show desire for actionable knowledge on transformational technology, environment and workforce trends.

“Company success depends on your workforce’s ability to turn relevant business research, trends and ideas into action. What we are finding at getAbstract is that employees are doing just that. They are leveraging our platform to access insight in a very consumable format on the trends that are impacting their careers, businesses and personal lives,”  

– Thomas Bergen, Co-Founder and CEO at getAbstract.

Knowledge is critical to success, and self-education is a key component to obtaining and maintaining the wisdom and innovative thinking that drives a business forward.

“We make it easier for these professionals to find relevant content and more quickly turn it into actionable knowledge that will benefit their companies.” 

For 2019, the top five trends in the U.S. are the following:

1. Blockchain

While there are mixed reviews on Bitcoin and its ability to become a mainstream currency, the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin holds a lot of promise. Blockchain will enable financial transactions, document authentication and copyright to become much simpler and secure after years of abuse.


2. Artificial Intelligence

Much like blockchain, this is a buzzword that we have seen for a couple years. However, 2019 will bring much more in terms of practical applications, especially in data mining.


3. Climate Change

Concerns about the effects of global warming are growing, with businesses of all types and sizes evaluating the impact, from food and beverage manufacturers to energy producers.


4. Freelance Workforce

Some companies are becoming reluctant to hiring full-time employees for many reasons. Business models change from one day to the next, there is more cost associated with full time benefits and, frankly, many younger employees enjoy the flexibility of a project-based work schedule.


5. Live Video

Social media is leading the live, streaming video trend with popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. This live video trend is enabling everyone to feel like they are participating in whatever is happening at the moment, from big events to small business meetings. Advancements in video technology are enabling businesses to incorporate video into daily communications and realize new efficiencies.


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