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Let’s read…and read some more!

As the great Dr. Seuss tells us,

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

You may no longer cuddle up with “Green Eggs and Ham,” but the joy of diving into a page-turner never gets old. The 2019 World Book Day provides a perfect opportunity to celebrate the way books have been inspiring and educating humans for millennia.

People read for a variety of reasons. The getAbstract book summary portal offers a great entry point for finding content that piques your interest. And one or the other summary might just prompt you to pick up a paper copy and read the book cover-to-cover.

Depending on what you are looking for in your next book, here a few suggestions:

1. Delve into a new topic

Do you know what telomeres are, and how they affect aging? In The Telomere Effect, Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn and co-author psychologist Elissa Epel break down the findings of decades of DNA research for the lay reader. A basic understanding of how telomere attrition can make you vulnerable to the diseases of aging will empower you to adopt the necessary lifestyle changes to stay healthy for longer.


2. Gain a deeper perspective on the news of the day

Every day, we get bombarded with bite-sized opinions and alarmist punditry suggesting that liberal democracy is in crisis. But what is liberalism, how did it evolve, and why has the ideology failed to deliver on its promises? Drawing on centuries of philosophical and political thought, Patrick J. Deneen offers a thought-provoking thesis on why liberalism might be reaching its endgame in Why Liberalism Failed.


3. Broaden your horizon and improve your empathy

Reading a good memoir compels you to look at the world through the eyes of someone else – possibly someone whose background and social status is very different from your own. In Heartland, Sarah Smarsh details how she experienced growing up in a family of working poor in rural Kansas – and how socio-economic circumstances and cultural forces in the United States are making it difficult for people with her background to lift themselves out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

These are just three suggestions among the thousands of books featured in the getAbstract library. So let’s end with some final advice from Dr. Seuss:
“You have to be a speedy reader because there’s so so much to read.” 

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