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Work, work, then work some more: GaryVee’s secret to success isn’t so secret

Gary Vaynerchuk is a renaissance man of the social media age. GaryVee, as he’s known on Twitter, markets wine, delivers keynotes and pimps podcasts. He even flips basketball cards.

And, of course, GaryVee writes books that coach his ambitious admirers about how to follow in his footsteps. Vaynerchuk’s recent works include #AskGaryVee, The Thank You Economy and Crushing It!

Among his pearls of wisdom:

Don’t get caught up in the college hype.

The recent college admission scandal illustrates how seriously Americans take college. But even as tuition soars, there’s a dirty little secret the university system isn’t marketing: College education is becoming obsolete. Business morphs so rapidly that what you learn in the classroom becomes outdated by the time you graduate. You pay dearly for a degree, incurring debt that you can’t wash away, not even by declaring bankruptcy. A college campus isn’t the only place to discover who you are and what you love to do, nor is it the best place to gain practical workplace skills, Vaynerchuk argues. Studying in the “School of Life” is more valuable – and less costly.


“I have seen people transform themselves by increasing their hustle,”

Vaynerchuk writes in #AskGaryVee. Venture capital and an Ivy League degree are fine, but the best indicator of entrepreneurial success is a strong work ethic. Hustle separates the wannabes from the achievers. You can’t control your innate talent, but you possess complete control over how much effort you expend. Hard work alone doesn’t guarantee success, but not working hard enough is a sure recipe for failure. The Internet’s round-the-clock ethos allows you to keep working long after your rivals have gone to bed.


Embrace vanity.

Vaynerchuk is a proponent of personal brand-building. He’s omnipresent on social media. If that seems crass, that’s because it is. Building a personal brand all but requires appearing narcissistic. You’ll also look like an idiot sometimes. Don’t worry about what others say or think. Instead, embrace Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, podcasting and any other promotional tool you run across.


Work harder.

Video games? Waste of time. Watching TV? For losers. Vaynerchuk recommends against long lunches, golf outings and other time-sucking pastimes. Instead, Vaynerchuk advises, get to work. Then work some more. Most people who start businesses run them on the side at first. If you’re also working a day job, that means your time is precious. Schedule the time you need to spend with family, and be certain to sleep six to eight hours a night. Otherwise, devote every second to your work. Vaynerchuk does offer a caveat for the less ambitious: If you don’t care whether your business succeeds wildly, you can do less and lead a more balanced life. Just be clear about what it is you want.

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