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4 Summer Must-Reads

Summer provides a wonderful opportunity to relax and catch up on some reading. There’s nothing wrong with checking out the latest trashy novels or your favorite fictional authors. But if you’re interested in an enjoyable learning experience, getAbstract is the perfect resource. Here are four recommendations guaranteed to raise your awareness and give you plenty to think about!

To-Do List Formula

Ever look at your to-do list and throw your hands up in frustration because it’s so long? According to productivity guru Damon Zahariades, long lists invariably compromise your ability to complete your tasks. The author explains why traditional to-do lists are typically ineffective and offers alternatives that will satisfy instead of frustrate.

Zahariades cites one study that shows that people fail to complete 41% of the tasks on their lists. To improve your average, Zahariades recommends – among many other things — limiting your daily to-do lists to no more than seven items; prioritizing your tasks and assigning deadlines; and creating separate lists for each individual project.


Turn Enemies into Allies

Conflict exists in virtually every workplace — it’s just a matter of degree. Managers understand that conflict damages productivity and morale, but many are simply ill equipped to handle disputes. Author Judy Ringer, an experienced coach and speaker, is also a black belt in akido who borrows principles from the Japanese martial art to help create peace in the workplace.

Though some individuals seem more naturally suited to deal with disputes, Ringer says you can learn the skills needed to be an effective referee. But first you have to manage yourself.


The Weekend Effect

Once upon a time, Americans clocked out on Friday afternoon and didn’t give their jobs a second thought until they returned on Monday. Unfortunately, the weekends no longer are sacrosanct. Smartphones keep you tethered to the workplace, often at the expense of family and recreational time. Economic pressures have forced many people to take part-time jobs that often infringe on weekend leisure hours. The result is overworked and exhausted employees who struggle to balance office demands, household chores, kids’ activities, etc.

It doesn’t have to be that way, according to author Katrina Onstad. She urges Americans to re-claim their weekends and embrace the physical and psychological benefits of taking time off. She also points out that many white-collar “creative class” workers willingly put in extra hours because they love what they do.


The Power of Habit

Ever wonder why some people are able to embrace a healthier lifestyle or thrive in the workplace? It’s not just a matter of intelligence or good fortune. Successful people have developed good habits. Author Charles Duhigg explains that they understand the three steps of the “habit loop” – “cue, routine and reward,” which occur automatically and subconsciously.

Changing your habits, Duhigg says, requires you to believe that it’s possible. Then you have to be willing to examine your habits and determine what drives them. Learning willpower is half the battle.



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