2 comments on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 10

  1. James Miranda

    Yves Morieux has a good point and that we are all measure in what we do in corporate America the goal is to focus away from this to allow creativity. However, how do we do this if we have been measure in life since we where a kid in school….its almost like we have to change the system in general to reach these goals.

  2. Wow! Organizational consultant Yves Morieux, shed light on a management issue for which I am currently facing. My colleagues in senior leadership are increasingly obsessed with ‘dashboard analytics’, ironically they are among the most inefficient? In the past, I too, have been proud to be a disciple of dashboard management. However, recently I have become increasingly agitated by those who have become slow to adapt and adjust. In my ind, the key attribute of effective leadership is the notion of agility. The author illuminates that the “tenets of “clarity, measurement and accountability” suppresses innovation and collaboration”. If the current business mantra is “what gets measured gets done”; my preference would the aim towards collective ambition. Just today. I witnessed incompetence resulting from misguided tasks, seemingly irrelevant to the firm’s core purpose. The realization, a tone-deaf team. Now I ask, how does one enlighten others, bent on reading from ‘right to left’.

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