2 comments on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 14

  1. James Miranda

    WOW, I thought Mark Manson was going to talk about something totally different but his message make complete sense. Not giving a “fudge” is about focusing on the important things and blocking out the dumbs stuff that distort our minds everyday. Good Stuff! #30daysofsummaries

  2. Mark Manson’s ‘Subtle Art’ of self-reflection without angst is an appreciated point-of-view. However, one that runs counter to my instincts. People’s behaviors are a manifestation of the inner feelings. While I often admire those who seemingly do not allow others to rent space in their head, I find myself challenged to be the same. Pursuing realistic expectations, is challenging in itself. I am proud to not live in the dogma of other people’s dreams. Unfortunately, I do suffer from an acute sense of propriety when it comes to trying to please others. I do agree with Manson, when the summary states: “With maturity, we realize that others don’t care what we do as much as we thought. This frees us not to care either.”
    My sense of peace and contentment is my unabashed passion for life. The notion of ‘agility’ helps me threw my challenges. I choose to live life in crescendo…don’t give a fu*k whether or not that bothers others. Hopefully, my four kids will agree that their father always tried; whether it striving to be the best that I can be; seeing another’s perspective; or combating a bully. In the end, I guess I do give a fu*k.

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