1 comment on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 18

  1. Best Summary that I have read in sometime!
    The essence of Kevin Kruse’s seminal work on the 15 Secrets of Succcessful People Know About Tie Management is the quote, ““The single most important thing when it comes to time and productivity isn’t a tactic or a trick – it’s a shift in mind-set.” The 1,440-minute mind-set, is a worthwhile cultural doctorine. I learned that, “Research indicates that most list-makers never complete 41% of their planned jobs. Daily lists tend to randomize the order of importance among your tasks, thus muddling your focus.”
    Discovered that 1/3 of a typical executive’s day is reading and replying to emails. Sad and believable. Being aware that “email is a great way for other people to put their priorities into your life” resonated with me. Use the “321-Zero” i.e., three times a day, spend 21 minutes reviewing your messages. Mark Cuban’s advise, “Never do meetings unless someone is writing a check” this is spot-on! Protect your most valuable asset, ‘time’, from any request that doesn’t further their long-term priorities. “If you send less email, you’ll also receive less email.”

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