1 comment on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 19

  1. Most do not realize, or worse, are oblivious to the idea that, “The fundamental purpose of meetings is to utilize the collective human capital of a group to get things accomplished.” This is not the first or even second time that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Martin Murphy’s revolutionary idea of ‘Breakout Sessions’. I HATE meetings! Yet, I continue to evolve and refine my Team’s efforts to optimize relevant and worthy meetings.
    To be relevant, I agree that the planning process needs to be timely, ongoing and fluid. Just as static Business Plans are unrealistic and out of vogue, so too are meetings for-the-sake of meeting!
    I find graphical facilitation is an excellent way to record and document input and output. Recently, I learned that an effective way to run a meeting is to force people to stand rather than sit…creates an appetite for brevity and efficiency; not to mention enhancing one’s health! Food-for-thought.

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