1 comment on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 21

  1. No doubt, we all suffer from procrastination, though this is not my primary weakness. I simply am too over-scheduled and overworked to afford the luxury of procrastination. As an Investment banker years ago, I used think it was cool to wait until the last minute to catch a flight, now I find procrastination simply an additional needless stress. Nonetheless, I lapse once-in-a-while, as was the case this past year in preparing the Father-of-the-Bride Speech. I lecture and/or deliver 5-10 speeches a week, so public speaking doesn’t typically overwhelm me. However, when my wife reminded me that I might want to begin thinking about this paramount moment while on the beach in July, I just laughed and exclaimed, Amanda’s wedding is until October 22! Like a dunce, I continued to procrastinate with unwitting confidence. Fast-forward (pun intended) I had one paragraph written the day before the wedding. Ouch! The self-inflicted stress was hideous and only served to remind me that it doesn’t pay to wait. The good news, after waking up at 6am, thinking and writing for 2-hours, I delivered the best speech of life. Emotions and memories just flowed, one of those ‘kwon’ moments that I am forever grateful. Lesson learned: procrastination does not only stressed me out, but also those dear to me….not worth the agony!

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