1 comment on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 24

  1. Learning Leader, by Kouzes & Posner, inspired me in two specific ways: it is research-centric and offered five fundamentals for which are not out-of-reach. Work-ethic, self-efficacy, perseverance, self-reflection and renewal are attributes that mere mortals can lasso. For me, one of the greatest attributes of the human species is adaptability. The notion of agility is imperative for personal and professional effectiveness. I liked the quote: “Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion and underperformance; everything else requires leadership.”
    I love the idea presented of listing the people you rely on most. Equally the notion that one should spend more time working on their weaknesses as opposed their strengths. Perhaps, most importantly is the importance of genuine listening.

    The recommendation of a ‘Personal Board of Directors resonated with me. I am a huge believer of institutional intent under the umbrella of collective ambition. In my personal life, the act of journal writing is not new to me, to apply this specifically to fostering better leadership skills is a welcomed idea.

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