1 comment on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 28

  1. The concept of ‘mindful unplugging’ inspired me to encourage my family to try to unplug for 24 hours weekly (i.e., from 5pm Friday until 5pm Saturday). I have no illusions that this will be challenging for my wife and me, but worthy when considering the mental and emotional growth of our two youngest children. I have the distinction of having two adult children (29 and 32 from a previous marriage of 17 years) and two young boys ages 2 ad 5. When people learn this about me, their response is astonishment. After the pause, I am often asked, how different is parenting today versus yesteryear? My answer is always the advancement of technology. In my view, social media is not your ‘best friend’…it is your ‘worst enemy’!

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