4 comments on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 8

  1. Pauline

    I’ve tried to access summaries for Jan 7 and Jan 8, but the link takes me back to Jan 6s article on Kick Ass leadership (looks like the links have not been updated?). Has anyone else experienced it?

    • getAbstract

      Dear Pauline, thanks for your comment. We had a problem with the links, but it’s fixed now!

  2. James Miranda

    Putting your team fist is a awesome concept as the outcome is huge for organizations that want to grow. Simon Sinek is a brilliant master mind about understanding people and how we think.

  3. Sinek’s Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe, made me think of a correlation with attachment-parenting. I fervently believe that EQ is a more important attribute than IQ to the career trajectory of a rising leader. I agree with quote, “Rank does not connote leadership; rather, it is simply a position of authority.” My father, a journalist, was a Sports Editor. He taught me, “never ask someone who reports to you to do anything that you haven’t done yourself!”

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