International Book Award 2017

getAbstract is proud to announce the winners of the International Book Award 2017:



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The Seventh Sense, Joshua Cooper Ramo, Little, Brown

To understand the world, grasp the emerging power of networks and connections.


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We do Things Differently, Mark Stevenson, Profile Books

Meet the vital outlier innovators who are actively upending the world’s decrepit systems.







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d.quarks, Carsten Hentrich and Michael Pachmajer, Murmann

Der Fahrplan für die digitale Transformation des Unternehmens.




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Das Ende der Demokratie, Yvonne Hofstetter, C. Bertelsmann

Lässt die digitale Gesellschaft den selbstbestimmten Bürger am Leben?




Congratulations to all of our winners! Here are a few words from winner, Mark Stevenson:



The world is changing faster than ever before. Such volatility and uncertainty is frightening for some and exciting for others. getAbstract falls into the latter category, because changing environments always provide inspiration for great books.  The books getAbstract selects for its library are all relevant to business, but they share one other characteristic: They never advise “business as usual.”

getAbstract is proud to present the getAbstract International Book Award to the best business books of  2017. This year, getAbstract assessed more than 10,000 English and German business books in the fields of leadership and management, strategy, sales and marketing, human resources, economics and politics, finance, and career development, and we have selected 10 finalists.

The 2017 nominees are:



Two nominated titles from each language category will receive the getAbstract International Book Award, a coveted prize within the international publishing world. The official award ceremony will take place on October 11, 2017, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., at Frankfurt Book Fair’s Reading Tent in Frankfurt/Main.

This year, the award celebrates its 17th anniversary. When the getAbstract International Book Award launched in 2001, it was the first international prize of its kind to honor outstanding works in the field of business literature. Since then, getAbstract has presented the accolade to such esteemed authors as George A. Akerlof, Robert J. Shiller, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Ian Morris, Benoît Mandelbrot, Malcolm Gladwell, Niall Ferguson, Joseph Stiglitz, Thomas Sowell, Chris Anderson, Peter Sloterdijk, Gunter Dueck, Uwe Jean Heuser, Wolfgang Münchau and Hans-Werner Sinn.

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